Men's Daily Formula + D3

Men's Daily Formula

Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement

Dr. Fuhrman’s multivitamins set the gold standard for quality and safety, and are manufactured by a GMP certified and FDA-regulated facility. Dr. Fuhrman selects only the highest-quality ingredients, formulated for rapid disintegration and easy digestion to be well tolerated by all. Men’s Daily Formula +D3 is uniquely designed to contain adequate amounts of essential nutrients that maybe lacking even in a healthy diet, and to exclude those ingredients that have the potential to cause harm. Dr. Fuhrman is adamant about stopping the use of dangerous supplements. For example, several long-term scientific studies have demonstrated increased risks of cancer or premature death from the use of supplemental folic acid and Vitamin A. Men’s Daily Formula +D3 excludes potentially harmful ingredients, such as vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamin E, folic acid, and copper.

Certain whole food derived nutrients are known to be more bio available than their synthetic counterparts and these forms are preferentially included in Men’s Daily Formula +D3. Amino acid chelated minerals, a highly absorbable form of minerals, are also included. Whole food extracts of greens and berries provide an extra boost of phytochemicals in their natural, whole-food state for optimal nutrient absorption and antioxidant benefit. Another benefit of Men’s Daily Formula +D3 is the substantial vitamin D content included, reducing the need for additional supplements. Finally, for those who prefer not to swallow pills, the vegan capsules can be opened and the contents added to food or drink.

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