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Brent K.

"My job as a Semi Truck Diesel Technician is a very physical job. Some weeks are easier than others but Dr.Kline can always pin point where my pain is without me having to say anything. To me this means the world because he finds not only current issues but ones that are starting to show them selves and the ones that have healed or progressed to the point where they are no longer issues. I Highly recommend Kline Chiropractic to everybody. Thanks Kline Chiropractic for increasing my quality of life !!!!"

Vickie B.

"Dr. Kline has helped me to feel so much better. His adjustments have targeted areas where I needed it the most. I am always amazed at how he knows exactly where my discomfort is coming from. I would highly recommend Kline chiropractic! Dr. Kline and his wife, Renita, are a class act and you will come away feeling you are most important to them."

Sharon H.

"I went to Kline Chiropractic to see if he could help my knees. I was having trouble walking, plus arthritis. Dr. Kline adjusts my knees, and I do the exercises every day at home. He has given me hope and I'm still working, and walking. Next we will work on nutrition and weight loss. I recommended Kline Chiropractic and Dr. Kline to my husband and his neck and back were adjusted and his sinuses and headaches are less. We both would recommend to family and friends."

Josiah W.

"Though I have not gone myself, my wife has, as well many of our close friends. Though I'll be the first to admit I never thought "Kline knows what he's doing, and I can't wait to go back" would be a DAILY conversation piece in my life. However, I'm truly blessed to have that 'ace in my pocket' when the wife has back or neck pain. Even after her first visit (and I hear similar stories from ALL of our friends that have gone) she claims he's a miracle worker! Well done Kline, keep up the hard work!! - A VERY HAPPY husband to a patient of yours. :)"

Jennifer G.

"Has made my pregnancy amazing. Nathanael is awesome to work with and I look forward to making visits part of my routine after pregnancy! So happy I referred my mom and she is also enjoying her visits!"

Lisa W.

"I am having a great experience at Dr Kline's office. I've been with him over a year now. I am pain free. I look forward to staying pain free.....If you're having issues you should give him a call."

Chera K.

"I highly recommend Dr. Kline and Kline Chiropractic for any age!"

Jeff B.

"Nathaniel had me 100% better after just one visit! Would highly recommend him for back issues."

Cindy R.

"Believes in improving you for the long term! Highly recommend!"

Marcus K.

"Awesome care for people all ages! Highly recommended!"

Kline Chiropractic
451 University Blvd d, Harrisonburg, VA
12 reviews
a week ago-
Was only in town for a week, but was long overdue for an adjustment. Stopped in and had to make an appointment for the next day. Very knowledgeable and good at what he does. Am going back again tomorrow. Will work with no insurance cash deals too.

If your like me and have been to some questionable chiropractors, this is a good one..
a week ago-
Dr. Kline has been most helpful in working with me on my lower back. I especially appreciate the way he explains the details of my condition and how we will proceed. I always feel better when I leave Dr. Kline's than when I came in.
a week ago-
Dr. Kline is not only a fantastic doctor, he's an equally great person. Our office recently purchased an office software program which he and his wife Renita were already familiar. They took time out of their busy day to personally come to our office and help us implement this new program. Many other patients can speak to his skills as a doctor--simply look at all the 5 star reviews. I wanted to speak to how proud I am to have him as a colleague. He is a model doctor and person, and his wife Renita is amazing at running their office.
a week ago-
Had great care from Nathaniel during my pregnancy. Made a huge difference with back and hip pain I had.
a week ago-
Have been feeling and functioning so much better since beginning consistent chiropractic care over a year ago. Would recommend to anyone looking for personalized and affordable chiropractic care!
a week ago-
Dr.Kline has increased my quality of life several times over! I recommend Kline Chiropractic for all ages!
a week ago-
Kline Chiropractic has helped me maintain a high level of health as I age. Highly recommended!
a week ago-
A godsend during my Pregnancies! Highly recommend for both you and your children!
5 months ago-
helped me from the beginning......then of course came the price tag...im sure the pricing wasn't bad......but not everyone just has the extra cash hanging out for chiropractors. but I do feel he is honest and up front bout things....I would recommend him
a year ago-
I feel like a ninja after being adjusted by Dr. Kline. My reflexes and mobility are better than they have been in years. I can't wait for my super powers to kick in once everything is in its proper place.
a year ago-
Nathaniel is awesome and great to work with. I went in sceptical but desperate for pain relief. After 1 adjustment I feel like a new person. I have mobility I haven't had in years!
a year ago-
I am only 9 adjustments into my care but feel like a new person! I never expected to feel and function at this level ever again! Thank you Dr. Kline and Kline Chiropractic for giving me my edge back!
a year ago-
DR Kline does an amazing job...highly recommend him!
a week ago-
a week ago-
a week ago-

370 Neff Ave. Suite L Harrisonburg, VA 22801

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